Is CodeSync free?

Our freemium model offers maximum 1GB per repo. You can also try our trial plan for a month.

Does CodeSync work if I am not connected to the internet?

CodeSync stores your changes on your system and syncs the data as soon as the internet is restored. You do not lose any data.

Do I have to enter in my payment information in order to start a trial period?

Yes, you have to enter your payment information but you will not be charged immediately for the trial period. You'll get charged after your trial period expires i.e. for the next billing cycle.

Which IDEs do you support?

Currently, we have plugins for VSCode, Atom and all JetBrain Intellij IDEs (Intellij IDEA, PyCharm, WebStorm, CLion, DataGrip, Rider, RubyMine, GoLand etc).

How can I sign up for an account?

You can sign up for an account from here. We support signing up using Google, GIthub and email/password. We use Auth0 to manage user credentials and don't store any user credentials ourselves.

How do I setup an organization/team?

After you login to codesync.com, there will be an option ”Create Organization” under the hamburger menu in the top right corner.

Create Organization

What happens if I don't see my playback? What should I do?

  • - Make sure you have an active internet connection.
  • - If you are using Free plan, make sure you are not reaching any kind of limit (Check IDE alerts or webapp notifications).
  • - Contact support if above doesn't work.

Can I use CodeSync as an individual developer?

Yes, CodeSync has a Team plan for Organizations and Pro plan for individual users. Here is our pricing.

How am I notified about team activity?

CodeSync has an in-IDE notification system that notifies you daily around 4:30pm in your local time if there was a team activity in the past 24 hours.

How can I delete my account and all my codebases?

Send a request to support@codesync.com

Can I get a data dump of all my activities?

Yes, send a request to support@codesync.com

Does CodeSync perform repo merges on the server side?

Not currently, but it's on our roadmap.

Does CodeSync support Live Stream?

Code changes are streamed live from your IDE to CodeSync's server, but we don't get support for ”live streaming” on the Playback page. However, it is in our near roadmap.

Does CodeSync sell my data and my coding activity?

No way

How can I make a repo public?

On the dashboard where you see the list of your repos, there is a lock/unlock icon in front of each repo. The lock symbol stands for Private repo.

What security measures do you use at codesync to secure the data?

CodeSync rigorously enforces the highest standards of security policies and procedures, data encryption and privacy, and backup and data retention.

  • - CodeSync uses the industry standard AES-256 encryption algorithm for both storage and in-transit encryptions.
  • - We are achieving SOC-2 compliance (You can contact us for a security report).
  • - Our devs have no access to customer information (customer codebases, repo information, or personally identifiable information (PII)). Each employee role is given limited access only to the systems necessary for that role (Principle of Least Privilege). Developers only have access to a separate development environment which does not contain or replicate customer data.